Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Attempt at Diva Challenge #29 - aka, the String String . . .

I took an extra day for the Independence Day weekend to chill out.  I'm usually The Poster Girl for Mellow, but of late, circumstances beyond my control have had me somewhat on edge.  

Prescription: Take two Zentangle®s and repeat as needed

I therefore set my mind on The Diva's 29th weekly challenge, "String Theory v. IV: Creative Genesis," based on Guest Challenger Sue Jacobs' idea to create a string by tying a weight to, well, a string.  I'm glad the antique plumb bob that I bought for my husband wasn't handy. That pointy hunk of brass would undoubtedly have plonked down into a big dent on my lovely bristol paper!

After a warm-up doodle, I was so relaxed I couldn't bear the idea of leaving my desk chair to walk all the way down the corridor to the yarn, string, cord, chain or ribbon supplies in my 'Studio' (i.e. arts/crafts supply/stash storage/warehouse/cave), so I grabbed the only thing handy - a piece of thread from my mending kit and an earring (fashioned by the delightful "kneehighsnpigtails") - then laid the ear bob on my tile and dropped the thread (Hmmm.  Ear bob.  Plumb bob.  There must be a connection there somewhere....) 

Well, as the thread was fairly short, that part of the string is not strong on complexity, but I think the earring makes up for it.  This is what I made of it:

So, two challenges met:  1) Less stress and 2) a string string.

I highly recommend them both.

Mellow regards,


skjacobs said...

Great tile! love the earring.

Moon Attic said...

Thank you, Sue. And thanks so much for the great idea. I can't wait to see all of the other interpretations!

Anonymous said...

Dear Poster Girl for Mellow,
Fear not. Your Mellow will return!
Nice earbob/plumbob tangle, Bob!
Oh, Bob, my Bob...Love, Sister Bob

Blue-Bird said...

Using the ear ring as a weight was a good idea.

I had trouble finding a weight at first. My string (shoe lace) didn't fit through a button ...
And all small things are tucked away for my 9 month old 'I want to put everything in my mouth' son.