Saturday, July 9, 2011

A New Tangle - Ready for One More?

Wow, the past couple of weeks have brought a veritable plethora of new tangle patterns for us after quite a lull.  If you think you can handle one more (admit it - you're insatiable!), try Gigglevine:

Why "Gigglevine"?  It just made me giggle for some reason.  So does hail when it bounces on pavement. 
And my sister, Bob (not her real name).  And ostriches.

I'd love to hear what makes you giggle!


Anonymous said...

YOU make me giggle - in a very good way! See you tomorrow morning?

skjacobs said...

great tangle! and that last variation is fantastic - so expressive - it makes me giggle!

Molossus said...

Love it!