Friday, July 22, 2011

Button - Button - Who's Got The Button?

In honor of all the lovely little Zentangle fairy gardens springing up all over as a result of this week's challenge . . .
To see the Diva's Weekly Challenge, press this magic BUTTON!
. . . I've sketched a few flower tangles for the weekend.
I haven't finished my 'fairy' challenge quite yet, so I think I'll throw in a few Bachelor's Buttons into it:

Stag Tangle Steps by MoonAttic
Try it with and without the petals touching - which do you prefer?
And if you were a fairy, would you visit my buttons? 

Fairy or not, you're always welcome here in the
Moon Attic!

Please do have a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Abstraction of an Edwardian Corset

Molossus (aka Sandra Kay Strait), of Life Imitates Doodles, and Enthusiastic Artist (aka Margaret Bremner) turned me on to Scribbler Too, an online drawing tool.  I was already familiar with the original Scribbler by Ze Frank and had played with it a bit in the past, but Scribbler Too, written by Mario Klingemann and based on the original Scribbler, adds more settings and real-time 'webby' effects.  They're both a lot of fun and - yes, Sandra - dangerously addictive!

The first image I based on an advertisement for an Edwardian corset, and I found myself wishing that I had a graphics tablet and stylus for more control -

Drawn using ScribblerToo

I gave in to the lack of precision, and went with the flow, playing with various textures -

Drawn using ScribblerToo
 And tried my hand using the original scribbler -

Drawn using Scribbler

Explored the way Scribbler Too creates shadows and depth -

Drawn using Scribbler Too
 Got down and funky with the Scribbler, moving back to my more abstract, pre-corset-labelled shapes -

Drawn using Scribbler

Which morphed into something that could be construed as an alien life form laying - nay, bursting with - eggs!

Drawn using ScribblerToo

These drawing tools really popped the laces on my Edwardian prototype!  Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, Molossus, and keep on exploring, Fellow Creatives!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Alpha Beta Soupa

I really enjoyed the Diva's (Laura Harms') challenge this week.  A shout of thanks to Christina Vandervlist for being such a lovely guest hostess!  The overlapping first and last initial strings resulted in a variety of gorgeous and inventive Zentangles and ZIAs. 

I tried one tile with a denser, more complex design:
Diva Challenge #30 using Scroll, Rok Pool, Fern (Monk), Lightbulbs, Beadlines, Zanholli, and Pipkins.

  and one with a lighter, lacy effect:

Diva Challenge #30 using Pekinitch, Quip, Picot, Torchon Lace, Abacus (var), Florz, Rokpool, Corsace, Linked and Tiny Pearls.
Keep on Truckin' Creatin'! 

“Sometimes you've got to let everything go - purge yourself. If you are unhappy with anything . . . whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you'll find that when you're free, your true creativity, your true self comes out.”  ~ Tina Turner

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Bleedthrumanade Zentangle-Inspired Art - - - Fairy Corset?

I had fun with my Letraset Promarkers recently.  I played with twisting the chisel nib to and fro and was pleased with the effect, so I used the the technique to lay down the color for the piece shown below.  

Here it is before tangling: 

Fairy Corset? ZIA Front, Pre-Tangled

And here it is after tangling, with Cupid's Border, Featherfall, Flormeoba, Mulhouse Blooms, Ahh, Tipple, and Florz: 

Fairy Corset? ZIA Front, Tangled

And, the flip side (bleedthrumanade*),
with Hairy, Msst, Bloss1, Joli Coeur, Stripes, Queste, Baton and Tipple:

Fairy Corset? ZIA Bleedthrumanade* (Back), Tangled

*"Got lemons, make lemonade.  Got marker bleedthru, make bleedthrumanade."
~ Molossus, aka Sandra Kay Strait

Your comments are welcome.
Thanks for visiting, and keep on creating!

P.S. - Do fairies wear corsets?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A New Tangle - Ready for One More?

Wow, the past couple of weeks have brought a veritable plethora of new tangle patterns for us after quite a lull.  If you think you can handle one more (admit it - you're insatiable!), try Gigglevine:

Why "Gigglevine"?  It just made me giggle for some reason.  So does hail when it bounces on pavement. 
And my sister, Bob (not her real name).  And ostriches.

I'd love to hear what makes you giggle!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Attempt at Diva Challenge #29 - aka, the String String . . .

I took an extra day for the Independence Day weekend to chill out.  I'm usually The Poster Girl for Mellow, but of late, circumstances beyond my control have had me somewhat on edge.  

Prescription: Take two Zentangle®s and repeat as needed

I therefore set my mind on The Diva's 29th weekly challenge, "String Theory v. IV: Creative Genesis," based on Guest Challenger Sue Jacobs' idea to create a string by tying a weight to, well, a string.  I'm glad the antique plumb bob that I bought for my husband wasn't handy. That pointy hunk of brass would undoubtedly have plonked down into a big dent on my lovely bristol paper!

After a warm-up doodle, I was so relaxed I couldn't bear the idea of leaving my desk chair to walk all the way down the corridor to the yarn, string, cord, chain or ribbon supplies in my 'Studio' (i.e. arts/crafts supply/stash storage/warehouse/cave), so I grabbed the only thing handy - a piece of thread from my mending kit and an earring (fashioned by the delightful "kneehighsnpigtails") - then laid the ear bob on my tile and dropped the thread (Hmmm.  Ear bob.  Plumb bob.  There must be a connection there somewhere....) 

Well, as the thread was fairly short, that part of the string is not strong on complexity, but I think the earring makes up for it.  This is what I made of it:

So, two challenges met:  1) Less stress and 2) a string string.

I highly recommend them both.

Mellow regards,

Saturday, July 2, 2011

"A corset? No...." "Well, of corset is!"

I found myself in a bit of a bind.

I'd been denying the likeness, but ever since a friend dubbed one of my Zentangle® drawings a "corset", several others built on that foundation with similar remarks.  Well, that cinched it.  Waisting no time, I researched images of corsets, and I found their trimmings so lovely, they left me breathless. 

One simple scalloped lace trim seemed especially fitting for a border tangle. I present to you "Corsace":

So, there you go, ladies (and gents?) - lace 'em if you've got 'em! 

Make no bones about it - I can't seem to help but draw corset strings.