Friday, July 22, 2011

Button - Button - Who's Got The Button?

In honor of all the lovely little Zentangle fairy gardens springing up all over as a result of this week's challenge . . .
To see the Diva's Weekly Challenge, press this magic BUTTON!
. . . I've sketched a few flower tangles for the weekend.
I haven't finished my 'fairy' challenge quite yet, so I think I'll throw in a few Bachelor's Buttons into it:

Stag Tangle Steps by MoonAttic
Try it with and without the petals touching - which do you prefer?
And if you were a fairy, would you visit my buttons? 

Fairy or not, you're always welcome here in the
Moon Attic!

Please do have a lovely weekend.


stART said...

SWEET! I love your new tangle!

marguerite1997 said...

Oh this was fun, I wasn't quite sure where it would end, but I am pleased and I like it better with the petals!