Friday, June 24, 2011

Confessions of a Button Addict and My First Diva Challenge Entry

The inspiration for this design comes from the border on a Victorian button in my collection.  And the inspiration for my collection came from my mother's button box, which I loved poring through as a little girl. That pastime led me to sorting through little piles of buttons in antique shops and ultimately to eBay lots.  

My husband is completely baffled by this obsession, but I've learned a lot through collecting them, and consider each one of them a tiny work of art.  I still hold out hope that one day I'll show him a little treasure and he'll remark, "Now, THAT'S interesting!"



Below is my first entry for Laura Harms' weekly challenge.
#27 is "Duo-Tangle" using only Dex and Verdigogh. 

Those who have been following my blog may notice a familiar shape!  

The Dex portion is a lot wonkier than I'd like, largely due to my succumbing to the temptation to draw this on my daily bus commute to and from work.  

Now THAT'S a challenge!


Joni said...

wonky is cool! Love your entry!

Zoechaos said...

Love that the grid is not uniform and the graceful shape of the overall design is beautiful XOXO zoe

Darkskye said...

Oh, I really like your border design :)

Fruit Jar Nicky said...


Kathy said...

Very cool.. love it.. especially how you bordered it with the Vertigogh..

Tricia, CZT said...

Love the way Vertigogh is hugging Dex! Lovely combination.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, I love your cupid's bridal as well