Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Zentangle Tangle for You and Bob

Click on image for higher resolution.
I patterned this tangle after the border on a stoneware dish designed by Mary Colter in 1936 for the Santa Fe Super Chief.  Mary was a designer and architect who was inspired by Native American art forms and artifacts.  

To my delight, I discovered that copying and rotating this tangle results in some very interesting variations.  I certainly hope you enjoy this versatile design!

(And, what about Bob?  LIAM, Bob!)

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Darkskye said...

Oooh! Nice!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Bob, My Bob... you make me giggle! : )

MoonAttic said...

Haha, Bob!

barbara and nancy said...

I love this tangle. I can't wait to use it.